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Destiny Knights now have our guild website up running!

All members new and old feel free to register for the site and any events that we've posted.

- Daam -
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Hello Everyone!!

Daam87, Aug 16, 12 1:05 PM.
hey guys/girls. How's your summer going? Hope everyone is doing well. Just an update for those who haven't received one lately. Huge changes going on around my place, one of which resulted in my losing internet access, Got a new job, which is a 3pm-12am. (12pm-9pm for most of you). So once my internet is back up.. hopefully in a week, thats what they tell me at least.. I'll be available after about 10pm pacific. So look forward to that one. :)
Anyways, hope everyone is good. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

MIssing My Other Family...

Dragonette, Jul 19, 12 3:11 AM.
Well Everyone is gone.. I know I shouldn't talk since Fate and I have been stuck in wedding mode for a while.. But Daam Rosh and Dan and Katsuno. You are greatly missed... I hope you guys come back soon and we can all go back to being a family. :) ( sorry if its corny but I do miss you guys lol) So I hope to see you guys around soon.. Rosh: Hope you are feeling better. Kat: Be careful in your new TDY in florida.. Dan: Hope you can get on soon .. Daam: hope you haven't left us..
Love you all

Profession Party!!#1

Fatecalling, Jul 4, 12 4:14 AM.
This saturday, i am hosting a professions party from 8pm to midnight gametime.This is to bring together all gatherers and production toons to help each other lvl up our professions.Hope to see you all on!

News/Gearing Info

Daam87, Jun 30, 12 12:18 PM.
First off, I'd like to inform you all I'm 2 handed again MUCH faster than anticipated. :)

Second, Some of you, myself included were far too busy grabbing up high ilvl PvP gear and neglected the ever so necessary T12 PvE gear. Now were left with the hassle of re-gearing for heroics and raids. I just figured out, a little slower than usual that you can trade honor points for justice points. (375Hp/250Jp). Since I know that once you do yourr 7 bonus point dungeons in a week the return on points is horrible. Just figured I'd share the info so those of you that PvP and are fairly geared as is for that can now grab the gear for heroics and raids. Just go see the honor trade goods vendor is SW's Champions Hall. (old town)

Also, ANY guild members that need help fine tuning their characters (gear, stats, glyphs, gemming, enchants, spell rotations, etc) do not hesitate to ask me for a hand. Wether it's a sit down and sort your stats out, or running dungeons. lvl 70 or 80 heroics, anything. I'm here to help. I'm not running the show anymore, so i've self appointed myself the helper. So anything you need, just ask.

Missing Friend

blackmagic4, Jun 5, 12 3:00 PM.
Missing Friend - GM, Daam

He has been very hard to find since he has two forms - man and worgen - and has the ability to run wild. However, characteristics that may help you spot him are: specializes as a blood or frost death knight, with only one working hand (since the last time we saw him).

Our guild master and friend, Daam, has been missing for a few days now. Please contact any of the officers if you have any information on where he is.
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